IT Service & Consulting

Application services are a collection of different types of digital assistance employed to improve an application's functionality. The Application Services at TeqRox Solutions LLP include application performance monitoring, load balancing, autoscaling, application acceleration, and micro-segmentation. Thus, we provide you with monitoring, optimizing, and orchestrating the functionality of the applications.   

1.API as a Service 

API or Application Programming Interface Service provides clients with comprehensive, flexible, and accessible data services that allow one application to communicate with others. Through this integration, companies can automate workflows and improve workplace collaboration.    

Understanding how a business can vastly improve its customer experience, increase the productivity of internal systems, and increase profitability is crucial.   

The advantages of the API are as follows:   

  • Enhanced collaboration through connectivity 

  • Monetization of data by targeting potential business partners 

  • Improved Security with added authentication and authorization tokens, and encryption 

  • Scope for innovation due to flexibility to add new features easily 


2.Micro Services   

Microservices refer to software design and delivery pattern that enhances the efficiency of any function by making multiple runtime services. Microservices define APIs properly, which can be further engaged to provide efficient software functionality.  

The technological edges that Microservices provides are: 

  • Scalable components that are independent of each other, bringing down the cost as compared to scaling the entire application 

  • Technical agility as it allows teams to use different stacks and programming languages 

  • Modify and add new features without having to alter the entire application 


3.Application Modernization   

Application modernization is the process of modernizing the functionality and paradigm of an application with market upgradation. Today, companies must opt for application modernization to cope with the market and the probable threats. Our app modernization package includes UI/UX improvements, cloud migration, application reengineering, and upgrade consulting.   

Integral advantages of Application Modernization are:   

  • Upgrades the outdated/ legacy system to the newest technology 

  • Cut extra maintenance costs for outdated applications 

  • Application modernization allows you to not only stand afoot in technically advanced competitions but also gives you the flexibility to adapt the market changes quickly 

  • Quicker market realization 

As a leading application services provider, TEQROX Solutions LLP is an excellent partner for comprehensive assistance that your business will require to strengthen its business model. 


Have you spent most of your IT budget trying to keep up with your current infrastructure? Or do you need help finding a maintenance system that doesn't eat into your budget for technology advancement?  

Here is where you can outsource your IT management to TEQROX Solutions LLP and go back to focus on your business.   

At TEQROX Solutions, we offer premium cloud services to our clients. While currently offering public cloud services, we are making a stride in hybrid cloud computing. Our ability to smoothly handle any cloud-related issues or queries enables us to offer end-to-end business solutions that match our clients’ swift functioning and technological evolution.   

Public Cloud Services  

We are steadily growing our public cloud services. Our infrastructure and on-demand computing services make us the number 1 choice as Technology Partners. Public cloud services are one of the most in-demand services right now, which you can get at TEQROX Solutions at competitive prices. To know this in detail, get in touch with us.  


Hybrid Cloud Services  

We are also taking leaps in the correct direction to offer our customers hybrid cloud services. We have recently started this service to provide our customers with cutting-edge experience in cloud computing which gives them the benefit of on-premise servers added with public cloud options.   

Reach out to us about our hybrid cloud services and how to acquire them from us. Our customer support for cloud computing is available around the clock for any other questions.   

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Services   

Furthermore, we also provide several cloud-based services that involve SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). We help our customers by providing these three services and more related to them.   

  • SaaS  

Through our SaaS cloud services, we provide businesses with technologies and software that make them efficient. Some of the products our clients use include software for Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Productivity Suites, Data Management, and more. We host these services and offer our clients proper functionality per their needs. Contact our customer support assistance team anytime to learn more about our SaaS cloud services.   

  • PaaS  

Apart from our SaaS option, we also provide PaaS services that help clients have services and infrastructure for conducting numerous functions according to their needs. We use such products in developing ideal software that our customers can use for swift performance that leads to the growth of their businesses. Using an application stack with our underlying infrastructure, organizations worldwide carry out their daily operations without issues.   

  • IaaS  

Last but not least, our IaaS services aid our customers in acquiring infrastructure components. It contains storage, networking, servers, and more. Moreover, our experienced cloud professionals will monitor several aspects: load balancing, security, storage resiliency, automation, and more.   


Why Choose Us for Cloud Services?  

TEQROX Solutions LLP is one of the best providers of cloud computing globally. We can offer hassle-free services and instant solutions to your cloud computing aspect.  

  1. Technical Aptitude & Knowledge that allows us a holistic approach  

  2. High ROI & Satisfaction due to customized and iterative development plan  

  3. Our Tech Stack across multiple domains 

If you have any queries or are willing to know about the monthly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans, contact us, and we can guide you accordingly.   

We are committed to our client's growth in their niche sector by focusing on customer-centricity through redefined business processes and innovation.  

A company must focus on a lean, value-added customer-centric approach to expand any business and compete in the global market. With DevOps emerging as a hallmark for success in increasingly complex technical advancements, TeqRox Solutions LLP is here to help you at every step. 

We at TEQROX will assist you on your digital transformation journey and help you become agile to compete in the big leagues. We provide approaches that aid a company in managing a product to follow CI/CD, a delivery management system, and an agile portfolio program.    

Our Enterprise Agile DevOps solutions and capabilities at the core of the Software Development process will help you deliver faster, smoother, and seamlessly for an improved customer experience.  

With DevOps, you can: 

  1. Achieve quicker realization to market, frequently and efficiently 

  2. Detect incidents at an early stage 

  3. Reduce Costs through Automation 

  4. Continuously learn and innovate while maintaining stability and avoiding regression. 

When a firm is trying to accelerate its digital endeavor, they need to adapt, which requires them to embrace DevOps platforms quickly. Our platform aids a business in making decisions quicker through our AI-based insights and Data first approach.    

Since IT structures might be complex and can become a challenge for businesses, we offer easy approaches that allow them to become agile. Different aspects of suites will enable companies to quicken their digital conversion, assisting them in making intuitive decisions. Also, it provides for building receptive value changes and perceptive experience when delivering.    

Here is how TeqRox Solutions LLP will help simplify your key IT issues - 

  1. Adapting open-source traits that will enable growth 

  2. Bringing in new capabilities with technological advancement 

  3. Utilizing suite/product for better and personalized solutions for an immersive customer experience 

  4. Achieve the highest level of productivity and leading quality required for cloud development groups for large-scale operations 

  5. Implement highly agile practices in building core functionality 

  6. Helping enterprises realize a quicker valuation while maintaining stability, efficiency, and quality 

We are here to offer a roadmap for transformation, agile training, maturity assessment, agile tooling, execution, and more.  If you have any doubts or queries lurking in your mind, we are a call away. Get in touch with us to understand how we can help you get onboarded.     


An experienced Customer Support and Technical team allow you to instantly accommodate your client's needs without hindrance. It not only enhances customer experience in the purchase cycle but also helps build a positive reputation for your brand.  

TEQROX Solutions LLP offers a Customer Support team including trusted professionals with comprehensive experience committed to customer satisfaction.    

What to expect from our customer support division?    

  • 24/7 assistance    

We are available 24/7 to help you in every way possible. If the resolution takes longer, we will immediately patch an agent from our core technical team.   

  • Pros with technical experience    

Our experts are trained in a real-time environment before they hit the floor.   

  • Chat and call support are available.    

 Our team is equipped to handle queries on both calls and emails.  

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills 

Qualified professionals with excellent communication and problem-solving skills are prepared to find a reasonable resolution for all parties 

  • Quick Response time 

In a time-sensitive market, it is an absolute necessity to be quick in resolving customers' issues. 

Our approachability, ability, experience, and more make our customer support team unique and competent. If you are looking to establish a Customer Support and Technical team for your organization, TeqRox Solutions LLP is your answer.  

The world has taken a massive leap with the Internet of Things (IoT) in the past few years. We at TEQROX Solutions LLP offer IoT as a specialized service to our clients to enhance their possibilities in the world. Our IoT suites will aid in delivering scalable end-to-end “Internet of Things” solutions.   

Our service consists of complete support that deals with everything from software to hardware and plug-and-play integrated deployments in every challenging scenario. In addition, our professional teams remove every hindrance, such as fragmented solutions, intricate tech, and more; this way, we make it easier for our clients to deploy and manage cost-efficient and quick rollouts.  

Take a look at what TEQROX Solutions is offering in detail!  

Opting for our IoT Service Suites, clients can expect significant support from our side. Some of the prominent aspects include:   

  • Scalable solutions   

One of the primary things people can expect from our technical division is scalable solutions for every problem. It will provide IoT end-to-end solutions that are deployed whenever required. Also, it will assist in eliminating or at least reducing integrated solutions’ requirements from dissimilar techs or vendors.   

Our wide range of solutions uses AI, which involves security, learning, device processing, distribution, and more.   

  • Centralized control and command for an integrated platform   

With our solutions, our clients get visualization which is geospatial, real-time, etc., integrated with multiple systems. It helps in achieving actionable and meaningful insights. Our digital amalgamated infrastructure helps create master systems required for spaces, smart cities, industries, etc.   

Moreover, our service also covers software solution that is ideal for allocating resources, user communication, checking data and analytics in real-time, and more.   

  • Transformation through digital services   

Through our digital services, a business can streamline with the assistance of systems and software for several applications and industries. Also, it is a great way to determine numerous valuable business insights through data analytics and artificial intelligence.   

Furthermore, we can enable businesses to have the required information with high-speed and stable connectivity, security, privacy, and more. In addition, we can also aid in optimizing edge cloud and on-device capabilities for transforming industries to intelligent edge and wireless tech.   


With adequate data and analysis, a business can reach the epitome of success. Professionals at TeqRox Solutions LLP will ensure you have access to a steady stream of data and insights - that will help you make intelligent conclusions at every step.  

What sets our data and analytics service apart from the competitors are:   

Our solution will consume minimal cloud space! With that, we offer required support constantly for a deployed analytics solution. If needed, we can integrate different cloud services into a custom scheme/plan. In addition, we help our clients develop and configure other elements of a solution, set up procedures, and follow through the maintenance.    

Secondly, we aid in customizing reports and dashboards for different users. This customization helps deliver predefined schedules and specific events for our clients. We also provide our clients with deeper analysis; to do this, our experts acquire configurable dashboards and dynamic reports. Hence, this aids in integrating output from analytics seamlessly.   

Through our service, our clients get error-free data analysis at hand. The entire time duration for our data and analytics depends on the project's complexity. However, within 24 hours, a client will typically have their first dashboard (online). It will consist of tables, charts, graphs and other stats. A new dashboard will be available depending on its intricate nature; generally, it takes us from a few hours to a day or two at the max.   

Why choose our team for data and analytics service?   

There are numerous reasons why people choose TEQROX Solutions for their needs; however, the most significant reasons include the following:   

  1. Comprehensive experience   

Our expertise reassures our clients that they are getting the best out of their investments. With our experience, we can provide a solution to all your needs while staying on par with your competitors.   

       2. Certified solutions  

TEQROX Solutions is a certified company that ensures that our data and analytics service is of the highest quality. It also means that our customer's data is entirely safe and secure with us.   

       3. Work experience in different sectors   

We have worked in numerous sectors and provided valuable solutions to several businesses. Some industries where we have worked include, but are not limited to, financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, wholesale, retail, logistics, and energy.   


We at TeqRox Solutions LLP have a qualified and talented team and technologies to suit your business requirements. Our Data and Analytics services will aid your organization in its growth by differentiating it from the competition. 

TeqRox Solutions LLP offers a bundle of services that enable our clients to opt for end-to-end services. These include:   

  • Digital Commerce   

  • Digital Interactions   

  • Digital Marketing   

  1. Digital Commerce   

Digital commerce is purchasing and selling goods or services utilizing digital channels like commerce infrastructure, mobile networks, and, most importantly, the internet. It encompasses all parts of an organization, including strategies, costs, incomes, and much more. 

With our digital commerce credentials, a business can significantly accelerate its profitability. We aid in developing go-to-market strategies that appropriately balance simplicity and complex aspects for ideal growth. We assist our partners and clients generate revenue by pushing for more sales through their digital channels.  

We can help you tune up your visibility via multiple channels that will push your sales volume and profit margins. Moreover, this will help you gain credibility with your end-users and reduce the effort to retain them - ensuring a streamlined inflow of sales.  

Our offerings at TeqRox Solutions LLP include: 

  • Research  

  • Website creation and promotion 

  • Multimedia support 

  • Channel management and system integration for order fulfillment   

  • Data and Analytics  

TeqRox Solutions is committed to your growth as we are backed by capabilities to balance the complexities of the ecosystem with an agile and straightforward business model.  


      2. Digital Interaction   

TeqRox Solutions aids a company in being Digital-ready by continuously reinventing its business to deliver an outstanding experience to customers. This requires the enterprises to try out new possibilities fast, explore new ways to engage with customers, incorporate them with the firm’s architecture, and ensure smooth adoption.  

By providing real-time data, AI-based insights, and more, we provide our clients with an immersive digital interaction experience that is the future of engagement for online platforms.   

To discover how we can engage and work towards the next level, let us know your areas of interest. Get in touch with us to help us serve you better. 


        3. Digital Marketing   

One of the most common and effective ways through which we help a company's development is digital marketing. It is a complex and lengthy process that ensures a brand's popularity and increases its online presence. It involves multiple strategies we implement for our clients' benefit in the short and long run.   

Digital marketing is a service that involves a colossal number of procedures. The most common ones include social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, optimizing conversion rates, handling online reputation, and digital PR.   

Moreover, digital marketing helps us create a brand image for our clients. It is essential nowadays for a business to compete with its rivals. Social media marketing is one of the most crucial processes, as a company can reach its targeted audience through social media platforms. It is where everyone is nowadays, and that's where your business should be for awareness among the targeted audience.   

In addition, we employ services like search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and optimizing the application under digital marketing services. The list of digital marketing services goes on!   

By opting for us as your Digital Services partner, you will get a suite of services that correspond to your business requirement. Choosing the right digital transformation services provider will not only create a considerable difference in the outcome of a project, but it will also add to the bottom line of the business. 


Automation testing is a significant service to take care of any software and transform it with modern development. Earlier testing was manual and more prone to errors; however, automation makes the whole process perfect.  

If you are looking for quality automation testing service providers, you are in the right place. At TeqRox Solutions LLP, we provide modern Automation Testing services that significantly help reduce regression time, increase reusability, and lower maintenance costs, all with low upfront investment.  

What is Automation Testing?  

As the name suggests, automation testing refers to the automatic process of testing which does not involve any human intervention. Therefore, an automation testing system checks the function of an application thoroughly and finds out any potential threat in it so it can be rectified in due course. Thus, automation testing helps to strengthen an application.  

Importance and Benefits:  

The importance of automation testing is as follows:  

  • Fast and Scalable  

Compared to the earlier manual testing, automation reduces regression time (up to 80%), enabling faster releases that can be implemented frequently - saving time and effort.  

  • Multi-Platform Testing - Added  

TEQROX Solutions provides end-to-end testing across different devices, Operating Systems, and browsers to enable smooth roll-out and operation for all end users  

  • Organized Releases  

As the process is fully automatic, you can constantly check for the efficiency of your software. For example, if you have introduced a new method for your customer, you can launch it and simultaneously check its performance. Thus, it helps prevent a new feature's stability and keep its performance organized.  

Types of Automation Testing  

The types of automation testing you will get from us are:  

  1. Unit Tests  

This is one of the basic tests that help developers find out the functionality of a running application. This runs automatically whenever a new code has been added to the master unit.  

      2. Integration Tests  

The integration test is for checking the functionality of the subunits and modules. This testing contains both expected and unexpected inputs.  

     3. System Testing  

As you launch an application, you need to check the whole system. There are 3 types of system testing such as,  

  • Functional testing  

  • Regression tests  

  • Smoke tests 

       4. Acceptance Testing  

In the last stage, you need to run acceptance testing, ensuring an application's better user experience. In this testing, there will be 2 types of checks such as,  

  • Performance tests  

  • A/B testing  

Why Choose Us?  

TEQROX Solutions is effective in giving you the best automation testing services. The reasons for choosing us are:  

  • Flexibility  

We offer different types of automation testing services keeping in mind the varying demand of the market.  

  • Using Proper Techniques  

We use effective techniques to run automation testing on your application. These are:  

  • Data-driven testing  

  • Custom software  

  • Runbook  

  • Web service testing  

  • API testing  

  • Parallel testing  

  • Socket programming testing, etc.  


Penetration Testing or pentest refers to the thorough ethical cyber security check-up, built to identify the vulnerabilities/ misconfiguration/ flaw concerning security that affects IT infra(Network/Server) and websites applications and advise to safely fix those to mitigate the chances of a malicious attack.  


Pentest is more or less like a vulnerability assessment; however, there are some differences. For example, Pentest is a more in-depth analysis of potential threats due to misconfiguration or flaw or code logic flaws, while vulnerability assessment is to find device/system/IT infra meets specific security fixes. We do white, gray, and black box Penetration testing based on requirements and scenarios. 


The expert pentest services that you can get from us are as follows: 


Web Application Penetration Testing 


Web application penetration testing is a type of pentest that identifies and stimulates sensitive cyber attacks on a Web application to gain access/gain data or exploit. Therefore, web application penetration is an essential health check-up of websites that should be performed frequently to ensure security.  


There are two methods to find vulnerabilities or flaws in a Web application. One is DAST(Dynamic Application Security Testing), and the second is SAST(Static Application Security Testing). Both can be done with Tools and/or Manual testing. DAST is done during the application's run time, and SAST is source code analysis concerning a security flaw. 


The top 10 OWASP(Open Web Application Security Project) DAST and SAST test, along with possible flaws in Web applications and recommended resolutions/ fixes, encompasses our Web Application Penetration Testing. Some penetration testing point references are as below. 


  • Injection Testing 

  • Sensitive Data Exposure Testing 

  • Broken Authentication and Session Management Testing 

  • Cross-Site Scripting Testing 

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Testing 

  • Server-Side Request Forgery Testing 

  • Insecure Direct Object Reference 

  • Remote Code Execution Testing 

  • Open Redirect Testing 

  • Application Logic flaw and miss configuration Testing 

  1. IT Infrastructure Penetration Testing 

We also offer intricate IT infrastructure penetration testing, which involves both external (outside of the company) and internal testing (inside the company). After checking the potential threats, these are conveyed back to the business owner along with suggested mitigation. The benefits one can get from infrastructure penetration testing services are as follows: 

  • Easy management of vulnerabilities 

  • It makes the organization comply with regulatory standards 

  • Reduces the chances of reputation damage and the excess expense 

  • Gives data security assurance 

The types of infrastructure penetration testing you will get from us are: 


  • Network Device Penetration Testing 

Network device penetration testing is for understanding and removing cyberattack threats from any system. We perform efficient network device penetration testing for misconfiguration and vulnerability with context to security. In case of a switch, we try to check like BPDU message, Mac flood, Vlan Hoping, etc. In the case of routers, we check for HSRP malfunction, SNMP enumeration, Info gathers from CDP, BGP enumeration, etc., and vulnerability in devices. 

  • Network Security Device Penetration Testing 

In this service, we provide vulnerability checks for proxy, firewall, and intrusion detection devices(NIDS). Our experts check misconfigurations of TCP/IPV(4/6) stacks like TLS/SSL, SNMP, VPN, etc., by testing firewall rules and NIDS configurations for specific security issues by running tools against them.  

  • Linux and Windows Server Penetration Testing 

Our Linux and Windows server penetration testing includes all TCP/IPv(4/6) services like SMB, SNMP, NFS, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, KERBEROS, SSH, etc., and vulnerability checks in the overall operating system. 


Our expert technologists perform every network check with proper planning, testing, accessing, and analyzing networks. Further, they made a complete report consisting of a comprehensive risk analysis summary and remedies. 


TeqRox consultants from IT infra and Web development understand the internal workflow and come with solid security expertise. Instead of just running tools, they go in-depth to find a solution.